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Photography is a fantastic way to explore your creative side. For those of us who don’t have the skills to draw and paint, it is a great way to show how we see the world.

Besides writing and cooking, I didn’t find my artistic passion until I was an adult. While wondering through my mom’s garden after a rainstorm, I noticed a shimmering water drop had collected on a large, crinkly, pale green broccoli leaf. I was captivated. I wanted to share this with everyone around me. I captured the image on camera. That was the beginning of my love affair with Photography.

The move to digital had made photography an inexpensive hobby that everyone in your family can participate in. If you can afford it, get a camera for every member of your family. Be on the lookout for great store deals and ask around, many people upgrade their cameras frequently. Try friends and neighbors or post a request on Free Cycle.

Point and shoot cameras are built to take the guesswork out so you can focus on pure creativity. As long as you keep your eyes open to the world around you, there will always be great shots to be captured. I see the World in colors and shapes, textures, darkness and light in ways I never took the time to notice before. Looking through the lens changes how you see the World.

Here are a few ideas to try explore creatively with your camera, by yourself or with your family.

Creative Collections:

Choose a theme and have everyone interpret and photograph it however they like. Next have each photographer select his/her top 3-5 favorite pictures. Get them all printed and display them in your home. You can keep the same frames and select a new theme each time you feel like changing up the display. Some theme ideas: Seasons, animals, textures, nature, buildings, a color, an emotion…the possibilities are endless!

What’s in a Name:

Have each photographer try to spell his/her name in pictures, with each picture being a different letter. You could look for letters formed naturally, such as a twig in the shape of a T or you could look for man made shapes and sign. Take a close up picture (fill the frame) with the letter. When you are done you will have a set of pictures that, when put together, spell your name. You can turn this into a banner for your child’s bedroom.

A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words:(A good group or teaching activity.)

Assign your class a 5000 to 10000 word essay, take a second to enjoy the groans and moans:)

Ask if anyone has ever heard the expression “A picture is worth 1000 words” Have each person in your class create a “Photo Essay” you can do this on a set topic, something you want your students to dig into deeper and look at in a new way, or let them choose a topic that is important to them.

Have them submit photos (on disk, email, print) that are numbered and have a caption.

Like an essays they must be connected and tell a story, have a beginning, middle and end.

Have each student share with the class. This is not only a new way of looking at a topic, it is a great introduction to photo journalism!

How do you incorporate a camera into your creative activities? Please share below!

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