Creative Kids – Drawings and Directions Activity

This is a fun rainy day art activity that can be done with one child or many. It gives kids practice in interpreting and following directions as well as provides a chance for some artistic expression.

Pull out some paper, pencils, coloring utensils and whatever art supplies you would like to decorate with.

  1. Start activity by asking your kids to fold their pieces of paper into four squares.
  2. Ask kids to draw a bird in the top left square
  3. Ask kids to draw grass along the bottom two squares
  4. Ask kids to draw a cat in the bottom right square
  5. Ask kids to draw a dog in the bottom left square
  6. Ask kids to draw themselves anywhere in the picture.
  7. Now ask kids to examine their picture, what story does it tell? Is the cat chasing the bird? The dog chasing the cat? Are the animals all friends?
  8. Share pictures letting everyone see how they differently interpreted the instructions. This serves dual purposes as a listening exercise (making sure everything is where you asked it to be and that they have included all of the elements) as well as a lesson on how you can all listen to the same instructions but take away very different meanings.
  9. Have kids color or paint in their pictures.
  10. Create a story to tell based on the picture.

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