Creative Parents – How To Form Creative Support Groups

helping handsGrowing creative kids can be a challenge, especially when there are so many easy babysitters around. The temptation to pop the kids down in front of the TV or computer so you can get something done can be very alluring. Instead, try this creative solution.

Forming a creative network or support group of like-minded parents is a fantastic way of providing new, engaging experiences for your kids while allowing you to get stuff done or take a relaxing break.

Network to find other creative parents with kids of a similar age. Invite everyone over to discuss the possibility of arranged creative play dates. The idea is that parents rotate taking care of and engaging the kids in creative activity so the other parents have a break and chance to recharge. The difference here between usual play dates and our creative support group is the planned creativity.

Take time to identify each parents personal creativity and how they can share it with the group of kids. One parent might be able to offer painting lessons while another could introduce backyard gardening, if they have a green thumb. Most creative pursuits can easily be adapted to small group activities.

There are many benefits to having a creative support group. For your kids, learning and working in a group will build social skills and exposure to new and different creative pursuits, different from those available at home, really helps to feed creativity. For yourself, having regular breaks also allows you to be more creative and focused when you are with your kids.

A creative support group is a great way of putting the phrase “it takes a community to raise a child” into action.

There is a great post which tells you how to host a “Creativity Exchange”. This would be a great activity for your creative support group!

Have you built a Creative Support Group for your kids? What types of creative activities are they involved in? Please share!

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  1. A creativity exchange is a great idea. You’re right about falling into the trap of “easy babysitters”. I am going to do my best to encourage creativity this summer when my kids are home.

  2. This is a great idea. I spend a lot of time reaching out to the creative community to find activities for kids to do on; the feedback I get is always stellar. I love the idea of parents creating their own creative networks to do the same thing.

    • Thanks for your comment Farah!

      You are absolutely right, there is a group of Dads in our area who get together for regular activities with their kids, and they also bring with them some kids who do not have a Dad around. It is great to see. These guys have fun raising their kids and supporting each other!

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