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In this post I wanted to share a resource that has been helping me be creative (and organized) for years. A wonderful and free program called PocketMod.

PocketMod is a recyclable, customizable organizer. Even better, it is a fantastic tool for keeping track of creative inspiration. It’s a book small enough to fit in your back pocket and is made out of a creatively folded piece of paper .

The PocketMod allows you customize each page to suite your needs. Here are a few creative uses for your PocketMod:

1. You can add a page of lines so you can write down and keep track of creative ideas as they come to you. Like to brainstorm in pictures? There is also a template for storyboarding.

2. Write your own music? Add a staff sheet for composing music, or a tab sheet with a scale to write down your own notes.

3.  Love to draw and design? There are three different grid size templates to choose from.

4.  Keeping track of time. The PocketMod has a full range of calendar templates, from daily, weekly and monthly calendars to keeping track of appointments and plotting deadlines. Perfect for scheduling in your own creative time and activities (see post on nurturing creative relationships)

5.  Creative To Do – PocketMod allows you to create your own lists. I keep one for creative things I would like to do/learn about. I also use the Shopping List template to keep track of different creative things I would like to look for at flea markets and garage sales.

6.  Creative Inspiration – One of the coolest features of the PocketMod is the ability to pull in RSS feeds. You can choose from Time, Wired or choose an image or feed from your own source, such as this blog

If I am going to have to spend lots of time waiting for appointments and whatnot, I will print off a whole PocketMod of my favorite creative blogs to inspire me while I wait.

7.  More neat features:Tipping tables, Conversion Tables, Games, The ability to convent anything that is in PDF into a PocketMod.

PocketMods are great for the whole family. Each member can create their own. The site is easy to navigate and includes detailed instructions including how to fold the paper you print into a book.

You can use a PocketMod in many creative endeavors, keeping track of creative inspiration, brainstorming, recording observations and adventures. How do you use your PocketMod? Please share below!

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