Activity Based Writing

I had a great discussion with a home school dad about how to incorporate more writing into lessons and how “Writing Prompts” often fail with his kids. I suggested taking a more activity based approach. I don’t really agree with the idea that all subjects should be broken up into distinct and different subjects. I think writing should be a means to an end, not the end goal – it is a tool. Here are some quick activity-based writing ideas I suggested he try.

1. Have the kids help you write a “Menu” for your daily dinners that can be presented to the rest of the family -perhaps with a fresh picked daisy or two to decorate the table to build up the “restaurant” theme. This will get the kids using descriptive language and build their vocabulary and add a special flavor to family dinner.

2. Coded Messages – choose an age/skill appropriate code or cypher to teach the kids and have them write a few sentences in code to exchange with each other. This idea can be recycled using different codes for as long as it holds their interest. Combined with a history lesson, maybe creating a Celtic inspired . . . → Read More: Activity Based Writing

Making the Most of Every Moment

I believe there are two keys to making the most of every moment. The first is to have a concrete understanding of time and where it goes, and the second is once you know where it goes to actively choose to enjoy the time you have. Here are some strategies you can use. . . . → Read More: Making the Most of Every Moment

Introducing New Foods Through Play

By introducing new foods to children BEFORE they are sitting at the dinner table you have the opportunity for children to see these foods as old friends instead of a potential dislike. . . . → Read More: Introducing New Foods Through Play

Sense Walks

A great way to make exercise more interesting. choose a sense before setting out for your next walk. You could go for a general senses – such as a “smell” walk or you can specialize such as listening for bird sounds. Here is a list of possible walks: . . . → Read More: Sense Walks

Hand Made Recycled Envelopes and Art Cards

Teaching kids to look at old things in a new light is a great creative activity and can lead to some fun art projects! You can make you own cards and envelops easily out of old paper and found objects that might otherwise end up in the landfills. . . . → Read More: Hand Made Recycled Envelopes and Art Cards