10 Quick Ways to Jumpstart Creativity

jumpSometimes it can be hard to get the creative process going. Here are 10 quick ideas for jump starting creativity that you can do anywhere. Teach them to your kids and they will become valuable tools that can be used for those times they are just feeling “stuck”

  1. Look to Nature – When you have a problem you just can’t seem to solve, look to nature for inspiration. How would a beaver solve the problem? How about an ant?
  2. Think in Opposites – This is a great way to bust down a creative barrier. Simply take your idea and consider the opposite. Want to come up with some fun activities for babysitting? Think of the most boring things you could do and do the opposite!
  3. Ask Questions – Don’t just accept things as they are. Ask yourself if this could be done differently or better. There are so many things we do everyday because that is how they have always been done. Whenever you are stuck creatively try to be innovative with the things you do daily, it will get your creativity flowing again.
  4. Shake up Your Routine – When life gets a little too familiar try to shake up your routine by trying something new. Eat your lunch outside if you usually eat in, pull out a book instead of turning on the television, make a pasta side dish instead of your usual potato. Whenever you deviate from your set routine you are opening yourself up to being more creative.
  5. Experiment with your Creativity – Try being creative in different places/situations to discover what works for you. Do you feel most creative while you are walking in nature? Listening to new and innovative music? Perhaps you get flashes of creativity in the shower or on the bus. Be aware of your surrounds and identify those places/situations that seem to inspire your creativity. Once you have this information, use it the next time you start to feel stuck.
  6. Open up – Feeling stuck? Find someone to talk with. Having another person’s input can be a great catalyst for creativity. They may have a different view on your topic or see things in a way you hadn’t considered. Recently, I was writing a post on Creative Things to do with your Photos and I was feeling stuck for ideas. Talking with my dad gave me a great idea to share with you. Getting other perspectives work!
  7. Free Associate – You do carry around a notebook for writing down your flashes of creative inspiration, don’t you? If not run out and get one right away, or print off a Pocket Mod to record your ideas. When you feel stuck grab a piece of paper and free associate. Write down every single thing that pops into your head. You might not see a connection now but by writing down the ideas that pop into your head you can seek out patters and new ideas you might not have considered before. When you are free associating make sure you do not censor yourself. You might not write down that one key piece to solving your problem.
  8. Ask “How would they do it?” – Choose a person who inspires you and think about your creative block from their perspective. How would they deal with it? What solutions would they suggest for you?
  9. Look at the “Old” in a “New” Way – It may be the old school house you pass by every day, or a familiar system such as parking meters, looking that things that are old and figuring out how you could improve on them or change them is a great way to start thinking creatively.
  10. Act Childish – One of the quickest way to start feeling creative is to spend time with a child or embrace your “Inner Child” If you are using this jump start with a child, simply encourage them to dream big, ask questions and use their imaginations.

Besides helping you get over creative blocks these are also great ways of encouraging communication. Hope these ideas help.

How do you jump Start your creativity? Please leave a comment and share with us!

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