Top 11 Creative Truths

creativityToday, I wanted to share a few quick thoughts on what I feel are some creative truths. I hope some of them will resonate with you.

Seeds of creativity can only sprout and bloom if they are planted in a safe garden of acceptance and support.

1. Creative ideas can be fragile. They are easily damaged and dismissed because of a careless word. Creative ideas deserve protection and respect.

2. Creativity is often a group effort. The best creative ideas come from a spirit of collaboration and unity.

3. You can not create if you are afraid to fail. Some of the best creative ideas where born from the ashes of failure.

4. Creativity has many companions. Explorations, day dreams, trial and error, asking what if? And why? Are just a few of them.

5. We are all creative. Inside every single one of us is creative potential waiting to be nourished and unleashed.

6. Creativity isn’t just about creating, it is about combining. Taking in information about the world around us and combing it in new and exciting ways.

7. Creativity needs feedback. Feedback should always be offered in the spirit of support and celebrate strengths while identifying areas to get better at.

8. Creativity is addictive and contagious. The thrill and excitement of using your creativity and making something that comes from inside you is very, very powerful. Having the courage to use your own creativity also inspires others to do the same.

9. Creativity makes you feel powerful. Some only get creative when life around them gets overwhelming. Creativity gives you support and is an outlet that you control, allowing you to take power back.

10. Creativity comes from deep within. When you criticize another’s creativity you are attacking them on a base, fundamental level. Even the slightest comment or criticism can wound deeply.

11. Creativity comes from stillness. That second between the blinks of an eye, or that brief moment when you mind is quiet is the best time for creative inspiration to shine through. In order to encourage creativity in others and yourself you must look and listen with your heart and sometimes just be still.

What are some of your core beliefs about creativity? I would be honored if you share them with us.

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