Why “Growing Creative Kids”?

Welcome to Growing Creative Kids!

As educators we are taught to think of young mind’s as “Blank Slates” We are told it is our job to impress our ideas and knowledge upon children to “fill up” the slate in order to prepare children for life.

Unfortunately it is becoming more and more common for the school systems to be concerned with “making the grade” at the expense of creativity, originality and the welfare of everyone involved: kids, parents and teachers.

I have seen the negative effects of this while teaching overseas. Schools churning out brilliant test-takers and great at memorizing, but incapable of thinking creatively and lacking the ability to problem solve or consider any course of action that is “outside” the box of normal thinking.

Considering this I began to ask myself: what if we created a new saying? What if we said our kids minds were like a new, fertile garden? How would our roles as parents, care givers, teachers and society change? My mind ran with this gardening analogy and soon I was always asking myself “How can I make this more creative, exciting, engaging? How can we grow creative kids?”

My Goal for this blog is to provide the plans, tools and inspiration to cultivate a creative community of parents, care-givers, and educators. I will be posting my thoughts on how to grow strong and healthy, creative kids. I will provide exciting, engaging games and activities to inspire a garden of creativity in your child and family.

This is my first attempt at a blog (wow talk about a steep and creative learning curve!)  any feedback/comments and suggestions you have are most welcome and appreciated!

Do you have any topics you would like to see covered on “Growing Creative Kids”?

What are some of the challenges you find yourself tackling with creativity and parenthood?

Have any hints or tips for other creative parents?

Please contact me or post your ideas below!


Sheena – Growing Creative Kids, Resident Gardener

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