How to Build Creative Time Into Your Family Routine

routineThis is the latest in a ongoing project for methods to incorporate fun and creativity into the routine things you have to do. If there is a “routine” topic or subject you would tuned into a post full of creative ideas, please email me.

Building creativity into your family life doesn’t have to be a chore. Creativity doesn’t have to be a “once in a while” experience and I have written quite a number of posts for creative ways to sneak a little creativity into your life.

Make creativity routine – Build time into your routine for creativity. One way you can do this is keep a “Creativity Jar.” Have everyone in the family write down creative activities you can do together on slips of paper, then build creativity time into your family’s routine or schedule and pick a slip from the jar for inspiration. And would a regular old glass jar be sufficient? Of course – but where is the fun in that? Decorate it! Make that your first creative escapade! The “Creativity Jar” adds an element of spontaneity and surprise to your planned routine.

Combine routine tasks and creativity – Routine tasks are a part of life, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Creative Routines – Dishes has some great ideas on how to make cleaning dishes a fun, creative activity, and check out Chore Wars for an easy way to add some creative rewards to chores.

Learn songs, stories and games you can play and share anywhere, and practice Adventure Story Telling. These are great ways to engage children and give some variety to the routine task at hand.

Create a creativity-to-go tool kit that will allow for creative exploration during routine trips out. By having the creativity tools with you, it is easier to turn a routine trip out into an adventure.

Make Every Day Special – Bring a little surprise into those things you have to do everyday, such as eating. Make breakfast together, include notes of encouragement or small items such as magazine clippings about favorite hobby in lunch boxes, prepare breakfast for dinner, or make an evening of trying to recreate a favorite dish from a restaurant. Surprise your kids with a homemade snack like ice-pops, go for a creative walk, or pick an unusual holiday to celebrate in the upcoming month! There’s always something interesting to celebrate; it’s not too late for June, there’s still Fresh Veggies Day on the 17th, National Splurge Day (18th), World Sauntering Day and Father’s Day (19th), Summer Solstice (21st), Camera Day (29th), and Meteor Watch Day (30th). Who comes up with these holidays? I have no idea, but let’s get out there and celebrate them!

Ask your children how they would like to make routine activities special. I’m sure they will have plenty of suggestions for you!

How do you bring creativity to your families routines? Please share below.

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