Christmas Round-up


As we gear up for another busy Christmas season, I wanted to provide a round-up of Growing Creative Kids Christmas articles. . . . → Read More: Christmas Round-up

Mod Podge – Creative Kids Crafts

Mod Podge is a three-in-one glue, sealer and finisher, all in one handy little non-toxic bottle. It is a great introductory tool to the craft world that even young children can get involved in. Part of the beauty of Mod Podge is you can be creative and artistic without the pressure of being perfect. Even if you can’t draw a straight line you can still make some fantastic art pieces with Mod Podge. . . . → Read More: Mod Podge – Creative Kids Crafts

Christmas Creativity Exchange

Instead of the usual cookie or gift exchange, why not get together with other creative parents for a “Christmas Creativity Exchange” This is a fun quick way to fill those school-free holiday days with lots of creative activity. . . . → Read More: Christmas Creativity Exchange

“Presence” Vs. “Presents” – How to Have a Creative Holiday Season

It is no coincidence that “presence” and “presents” sound so similar. What do you remember the most from your childhood holidays? The presents? Or was it the time spent in in the presence of friends and family, doing things together to celebrate the season? . . . → Read More: “Presence” Vs. “Presents” – How to Have a Creative Holiday Season