The Life-changing Games of the “Hype-man”

happy hype

“Have you ever, in your entire life, experienced unconditional, unwavering support?” What would you try/explore/invent/create if you had a network of people who hyped-up and supported you? . . . → Read More: The Life-changing Games of the “Hype-man”

Creative Kids and the Human Spirit

Born without shinbones, Aimee Mullins had her legs amputated below the knee when she was 1-year old. Through her amazing persistence and incredible spirit she went on to become an actress, model, athlete, and speaker. . . . → Read More: Creative Kids and the Human Spirit

1000 Awesome Things

Every so often you come across an idea that is so creative and inspiring you just want to share it. “1000 Awesome Things” is just such an idea. . . . → Read More: 1000 Awesome Things

What Is Success?

Poem by Ralph Waldo Emerson and my definition of success . . . → Read More: What Is Success?

Growing Curious Kids

Curiosity is often the first step in the creative process. All of humanities inventions, improvements and advances have been made because someone, somewhere was curious. The gift of curiosity is one of the best things we can give to children. It will provide a lifetime of education and entertainment; the curious are rarely bored. . . . → Read More: Growing Curious Kids