Embracing Growth, Change and New Opportunities!

sunIn July, Growing Creative Kids will be turning 5 years old. In internet years, this is a long time. I look around now at all the exciting options that I didn’t have in 2010 when I started this site, and I see a new world to embrace and the opportunity for Growing Creative Kids to do some growing ourselves!

We are planting some seeds for a whole new Growing Creative Kids experience! Over the next several months we will be overhauling our entire site to make it more interactive and user friendly. Some exciting changes we are working on:

  • A totally new site design with a mobile responsive theme so you can take Growing Creative Kids with you on the go.

  • New content – more often! The last couple of years I have been busy teaching and running non-profit programming and my true passion (this site) hasn’t been getting the updating and love it deserves. I am making a commitment to you and myself to post more often and on a regular schedule.

  • Expand my sales  of e-books to include more offerings such as activity guides, printables, courses, and online resources to help you grow creative kids. This will allow me to pay my hosting fees and hopefully be able to turn Growing Creative Kids into a full time job to support my family.

  • Reaching out to and collaborating with fellow creators in the spaces of parenting, creativity and education to build a vibrant community.

  • My stretch goal: Create a Growing Creative Kids Podcast!

If there is anything you would like to see included in the new and improved Growing Creative Kids site, please post a comment or contact me

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