How to Throw a Neighborhood Talent Show

Throwing a neighborhood talent show is a great way to share your creative talents and encourage a creative spirit within your neighborhood.

Planning your talent show:

  1. Find some willing volunteers – either your own family members or keen neighbors to help you plan and add their own creative flair to the festivities.
  2. Choose a time and location – Start planning and getting the word out to your neighbors at least two weeks ahead of time to arrange schedules and work on their talent show contributions. The location should be large enough for everyone you are inviting. A backyard is great, or even a neighborhood park. There should be enough room for performers and an audience, room to set up a potluck or snacks and a display/gallery area for art talent.
  3. Send out invitations – Create written invitations with an RSVP request so you know who is coming and what talent they will be showcasing so that you can create a program. In the invitations you can ask families to bring: Their talent, a snack or potluck item, a new or gently used item that can be put into a prize draw for the talent show participants (adults and children’s items) Make sure you contribute a few extra just in case, and a canned donation for the local neighborhood food bank. Where possible hand deliver the invitations to sell the show and get everyone excited
  4. Set the program – Once you know who will be attending; create a program so the talent show has a good flow (not all the singers in a row!) You can also build in intermissions for a meal or snack, or creative “get to know each other” games or a time for artists to show their artwork that is on display.

At the Talent show:

MC/Host/Cheerleader – Keep the talent show flowing by introducing all the talent, getting everyone pumped up and excited. Organize the talent show prizes – set up a table or area for the adult’s prizes and a separate area for the kids prizes. Give each participant a ticket and as you draw tickets allow the participants with that number to go up and choose a prize.

After the Talent Show:

Ask a few volunteers to help with the cleanup and collect food bank donations. Next bask in the knowledge that you brought some creative entertainment to your family and neighborhood. Finally, do something nice for yourself and relax!

Do you have any tips or experiences to share about hosting your own neighborhood talent show? Please share!

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