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inspectorHere is a quick creative art activity that gives kids practice in using descriptive language, listening skills and observation. The activity can be done with an adult and child or pairs of children.

Sketch Art detective

Story: A crime has just been committed. Make this age appropriate, such as sneaking cookies from the cookie jar.

You are the only witness and, using only words, you must describe to the detective what you saw so they can draw a sketch and know whom to look for. You must be as accurate as possible so that they can find the right person.

Give one person in each pair a picture instructing them not to show their partner. Have the person with the picture (the witness) describe what the person looks like to his partner (the detective). The detective may ask questions as well.

Have the detective try to draw what the person in the picture looks like. At the end have the witness reveal the picture and see how close they are. Provide a new picture and have partners switch roles.

For a twist you could provide a picture of the detective so they are actually drawing a self portrait, or another familiar family member. You can also make this activity holiday specific by choosing a common character such as the Easter Bunny, or Frosty the Snowman.

Once you are done you can continue to decorate the pictures or use them as inspiration for a play or another game.

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