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There are those life altering moments – often few and far between – where you read, see or hear something that inspires you and changes you forever.

Today I want to share with you an article by Steve Silberman: Hidden Light: The Visual Language of an Autistic Photographer. This article is full of so much goodness I encourage everyone to read it, reflect upon it, and be inspired by it. This article is, hands-down, one of the best pieces of journalism I have ever read. It is journalism at it’s highest level, a story that informs, enlightens and touches the heart while painting a picture of hope with words and images. I wish more journalists would focus on the positive human interest stories that are all around us.

This is a feature story on 20 year old Seattle photographer Forrest Sargent. Forrest is unique though. Not only is he an incredibly talented photographer, he’s also non-verbal Autistic. He is communicating through pictures what he is unable to do with words and this story gives you insight and understanding into the many people who must live in a largely non-verbal world.

Forrest has some incredible talent and below are some of his photos that struck a chord with me. I have been given permission to share these works of art with you. Forrest’s website is: He has a show on right now at the Art With a Heart Gallery in Seattle, Washington. If any readers are in the area you shouldn’t miss this opportunity to see his work in person!

All pictures are Copyright 2011 by Forrest Sargent, and link to the original photos in his dad’s Flickr account.

Carkeek Park, Seattle, Feb.2010

copyright 2011 Forrest Sargent

UW Arboretum 3/10

copyright 2011 Forrest Sargent


copyright 2011 Forrest Sargent


copyright 2011 Forrest Sargent


copyright 2011 Forrest Sargent

This article  is an important read for everyone, especially those who know, teach or live with someone who has Autism Spectrum Disorder. Even if you don’t, it will bring a new level of compassion and understanding and perhaps inspire you to learn more. It is a great story to share with kids and help them to realize that creativity comes in many forms and is present in many different circumstances. No matter who we are or what limits we have to work with, we are all creators who are able to, to quote Forrest, “reveal the hidden light of life”.

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