Hi! I’m Sheena. Welcome to my little garden patch of creativity on the web. How did we get here? Well, one day I was sitting on the bus contemplating a conversation I had just had with a fellow teacher. We were talking about our frustration with having to feel like we have to “imprint” the required knowledge onto our kids. It got us thinking…

What if we thought of our kids minds as a new, fertile garden? How would our roles as parents, care givers, teachers and society change?


My mind ran with this gardening analogy and soon I was always asking myself   “How can I make my lessons more creative, exciting, engaging? How can we grow creative kids?” I started writing down every idea I had. The result is the “Growing Creative Kids” blog and and e-book.


I’m an educator, author,  and creativity coach with more than 12 years of experience. My favorite part of my mission (and being a teacher) is taking creative concepts, information, and techniques and turning them into fun games, activities, and learning experiences for kids. My experience includes everything from teaching classroom ESL to organizing summer camps, parent and child classes and community-wide helmet safety campaigns. I’ve happily spent most of my life finding new ways to teach and engage kids. There is so much to learn and teach on this exciting journey!

My goal is to provide the plans, tools, and inspiration to cultivate a creative community of parents, care-givers, and educators. You can find my thoughts on how to grow strong and healthy, creative kids on my Planting Seeds Blog along with engaging games and activities to inspire a garden of creativity in your child and family.

Do you have any topics you would like to see covered on “Growing Creative Kids”?

What are some of the challenges you find yourself tackling with creativity and parenthood?

Have any hints or tips for other creative parents?

Please contact me via my contact page  with your ideas and suggestions!

Thank you for visiting, I wish you a wonderful and creative day!

Sheena Witter –
Growing Creative Kids, Resident Gardener