Art of Money Getting

Art of Money Getting“The Art of Money Getting” was a guide written by P.T.Barnum in 1880 packed full of timeless wisdom on how to make money, keep money even how you lose it. This is the information that can change your life – and they don’t teach you in  school!

“The Art of Money Getting – Adapted for the Modern Teen Money Getter” takes P.T Barnum’s classic lessons and makes it relevant to today’s teens.

Each chapter includes Barnum’s original text with easy to understand definitions followed by Modern Money Getting Thoughts, fun ideas and activities that teens can do and habits to build on that will set them up for a life time of success.

Topics in “The Art of Money Getting – Adapted for the Modern Teen Money Getter” range from how to succeed personally and professionally, to specific tools and attitudes that bring success. Some of the topics covered:

Successful Attitudes (and those to avoid):

  • How to persevere and not give up when things get tough
  • When you decide to do something, give it everything you have!
  • How “Keeping up with the Jones”” can leave you broke and unhappy
  • The true cost of drinking and smoking and how a healthy body = more money.
  • Discovering your passion and how to make a career out of it.
  • The personal benefits of being charitable.
  • How living with integrity leads to wealth

Business Concepts – and how they relate to today’s teen!:

  • Selecting the right location – from where you sit in class to the educational opportunity you choose – location matters.
  • Advertise yourself – learn and use the powers of advertising to sell yourself  and create your own opportunities.
  • Avoiding debt and using your money wisely.
  • Identifying and building relationships with your “Customers” – including parents, teachers, and employers.

Tools and Habits:

  • How to keep track of your money
  • Create Systems to keep organized and stress free
  • Finding the best tools/people to get a job done.
  • Why it’s important to keep learning outside the classroom
  • Turn your “Day Dreams” into “Visions”
  • How to focus on one thing at a time


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