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boy-633014_1280Biz Kids is a public TV series where kids teach kids about money and business. I LOVE this series, it’s an entertaining and engaging tool for teaching your kids about money and entrepreneurship. So why are these topics so important? The public school system still relies on the Industrial Revolution Mentality (see Sir Ken Robinson’s video on Changing Education Paradigms), but the days of going to work for one company until retiring on a company-managed pension are slowly fading. Our children have to have the skills and knowledge to be creators and financially-savvy innovators. Biz Kids offers some great resources to help you prepare your kids for the next steps in their lives.

The Show:

Biz Kids is currently filming their fourth season. You can search on the Biz Kid Homepage to see if it’s available in your area. You might also get it through satellite. If you don’t have a station near you, you can also watch the first two seasons of Biz Kids online.

Biz Kids uses parody, puppets, and profiles of real kids and teens to cover many topics relating to personal finance and entrepreneurship. Topics include “How credit affects your life”, “The Art Of Negotiation”, “Money math – who needs it?”, “How to be a smart consumer” and more. These are topics that we all need to know!

Some of the segments might seem a little silly to those adults watching, but they are very effective at delivering solid, vital information. Biz Kids takes the approach of kids discovering finances instead of being “taught” and I think it really works.

The Website:

The Biz Kid Website is a fantastic resource! Their kids’ section is a great resource, with calculators that can show them how much they will need to save for collage, how long it would take to become a millionaire, and the power of compound interest. There are also sections for games they can play, allowance budget worksheets, and information on credit and how to start your own business.

Perhaps the most valuable part of the Biz Kids website is the Teacher and Parent section. Here you will find full lesson plans including Biz terms, Family Activity Plans for activities and conversations about episodes, and great printable worksheets that allow kids to practice lessons learned in each episode.

Biz Kids lessons would be great for home school groups, community kids groups, even as a program offered by Parks & Rec or an after-school club.

Do you have a potential Biz Kid at home? Another great resource is my book “The Art Of Money Getting – Adapted for the Modern Teen Money-Getter” and I am looking for some feedback and testimonials.

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