Celebrating Firsts

Celebrating the first times in your child’s life is a great way to make otherwise ordinary days special and create lasting memories. You don’t have to go over the top, but finding creative ways to celebrate with your child creates the habit of recognizing and celebrating life’s little successes.

Some Firsts to Celebrate:

  • Baby’s Firsts – First step, first solid food, first word. As your child is starting life there will be a new first experience almost daily. Taking lots of photos and video footage is a great way to preserve first experience so they can be enjoyed and celebrated.
  • First Word Spelled – This can be a fun, uncommon milestone to celebrate. Take video of your child spelling the word, create an art project together that features your child written word, bake a cake together and allow your child to write the word on the cake in icing. Do you remember the first word you could spell? Mine was GAS, a result of being handed my uncle’s key chain to occupy myself with.
  • First day of School – Celebrating a new year of school, even homeschooling is a reason to celebrate. It is easy to start your own yearly first day of school traditions. Take a picture of your child on their first day of each grade. Pack a special snack or lunch your child loves with a hand written note. Make a special celebratory dinner or have a fun family outing. Slip in some goal planning. Talk with your kids about their upcoming goals for this school year, what they want to specifically learn about, what skills they would like to develop. Write them down and hang them somewhere visible so you all remember what other firsts you are working towards.
  • First time demonstrating a new skill – Recognize all your child’s accomplishments. Positive encouragement, favorite treats and quality time spent together are all great ways of celebrating your child who learns how to ride a bike on their own, has the courage to get on stage for a play or spelling bee, or mastering a sports move. It doesn’t have to be a major expense, but a little encouragement goes a long way to keeping children driven and creative.

First times only come around once. The emotions, the excitement, the sense of accomplishment. They are a great opportunity to celebrate and create memories you and your child will cherish forever.

How do you celebrate first times with your child? Which firsts do you celebrate? Please post below!

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