How to Host an International Women’s Day Celebration in Your City

womanOn March 8th, women all over the world will be gathering together to celebrate International Women’s Day. This is the time to showcase and celebrate all the amazing things that women do on a daily basis. It also brings attention to the struggle for not only equality but the basic human rights that many women are still fighting for.

There are thousands of events going on to celebrate International Women’s Day all over the world. You can find an event listings page on their home website. These events celebrate the past, present and future achievements of women around the globe.

If there is no International Women’s Day celebration in your area, why not get creative and create your own?

Brainstorm your event: You may decide to celebrate as a family, school group or community group. Learn the history of International Women’s Day and brainstorm what your event will be. You can focus more on celebrating, educating, or have a blend of both. How big do you want your event to be? Will it be small and personal or will you get your entire community involved? Look through the event listings section of the International Women’s Day website for lots of ideas and inspiration. For a small event why not have a potluck or a Stone Soup party?

Find a place to host your event: Your venue depends on the size of your event. You might want to use your house, the local school gym or community center. Plan the venue as far in advance as you can as the size of the event will help dictate what you do.

Get People Involved: This is a great time to reach out to creative, inspirational women in your community, and also to meet and share with other young girls and women who will be the future.

Reach out to community groups like Girl Guides, girl’s sports teams, family friends and classmates. Contact your city’s Chamber of Commerce and see if they know of any outstanding and inspiring women in your community you could contact. Your ideal event could bring all of these people together to learn, share and be inspired by each other.

Create an Agenda: Your event might include games, activities, speakers and time to mingle. Having a loose agenda to follow will give you some direction, keep people interested and help your event go smoothly.

Spread the Word: You can post your event on the events section of the International Women’s Day website. You can also usually get free event advertising in local paper and radio. Handing out invitations is a great idea too!

Doing More: A great activity for a community or school group would be to have a bake or craft sale at the event with money raised going to organizations like Women for Women International – a non-profit group that works with women all over the world who have been affected by war.

I hope you will be inspired to celebrate International Women’s Day – even if you only take a moment to tell the women and girls in your life how much you love and appreciate them. A little encouragement goes a long ways.

Will you be celebrating International Women’s Day? Please share with us!

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