Sense Walks

father-656734_1280This is an activity from “Growing Creative Kids – the E-Book!” 

A great way to make exercise more interesting, choose a sense before setting out for your next walk. You could go for a general senses – such as a “smell” walk or you can specialize such as listening for bird sounds. Here is a list of possible walks:

Hearing Walks

Traffic Sounds

Bird Calls

Animal Sounds

Sounds Created by People

Sounds in Nature

Unexpected Sounds

Happy Sounds

Sad Sounds

Smelling Walks

Flower Smells

Smells of Nature

Smells Created by Humans

Good Smells

Bad Smells

Touch Walks

Hard Objects

Soft Objects

Textured Objects

Metal Objects

Natural Objects

Man Made Objects

Visual Walks

Choose a specific color or shape to look for

Look for natural objects that spell your name or initials

Look for unexpected things

Look for ordinary things you usually pay no attention to

Look through the eye of a camera – digital or disposable


These are all great ideas to occupy imaginations on walks to and from school and very easy for babysitters and care takers to involve children in. Safety first – always say “There is a …” before touching or examining anything so the adult can make sure it is safe. Tasting can be added to walks by carrying snacks with you or making the walks destination into a special treat for your child.

This is an easy way to have fun, get active and train your senses. Do you have any ideas for a “Sense Walk”? Please leave a comment and share with us!

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