Finding Your Creative Passions

Talking about creativity and passion go hand in hand. It is far easier to be creative when you have passion. What is passion? My favorite definition is Boundless Enthusiasm. If you wake up in the morning excited, or are kept awake at night with ideas and plans and dreams, well you have found your passion.

What about those of us who don’t know what their passion is? Or have too many interests they don’t know what to pursue? This post is for you! Discovering your passion is one of the most creative and enlightening things you can do. It gives you direction, especially handy for teens who are always faced with the question “well, what do you want to do with your life?” Also great for those of us who are going through the daily motions but not feeling particularly inspired with the way things are.

How to discover your passion:

  1. Spend some time soul-searching and make a list of what you think your strengths are. Ask yourself: “What am I good at?” Do not censor yourself; write down everything that comes to mind. Think outside of work and school. For example a few things on my list include: teaching, writing, photography and cooking.
  2. Talk with friends and family. Create a new list of strengths that other people see in you. Talk to the people who really know you, who love and support you. Don’t forget to ask the kids in your life too! Ask them what they think your strengths are. Ask open ended questions, don’t try to guide their answers with yes/no questions. Simply ask and listen, and remember to write them down.
  3. Compare Lists. Chances are you will see some definite overlap between the lists. These are the areas you want to explore to discover your passion.
  4. Experiment. Just because you are good at something doesn’t make it a passion. To be a passion it needs to excite you.
  5. More then one passion? Combining passions is a great way to get creative and discover new areas of interest. Are you passionate about more then one thing? Brainstorm how you can combine your passions into something really unique. No one else has your specific skill sets, talents, and passions. What can you create with them?

Discovering your passions is creative way to get excited about life. Combining your passions might lead you to do something you never considered, like writing a blog on Growing Creative Kids 🙂

What are you passionate about? How do you combine your unique skills and passions? Please post below!

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