Top 3 Myths of Creativity

Creativity is hard to define. Some people think it is something you have to be born with;  some think it is an intangible, mythical quality. Let’s demystify creativity by exploring some common creativity myths.

Myth #1 – You are born with creativity or you are not.

Everyone is born as a creative spirit. To all of you who say you are not creative, I challenge you to look back on your childhood. Did you play make believe? Or make up new words to songs? Or create artwork from blocks or lumps of play dough? Or construct forts out of pillows and blankets? All of these are examples of creativity. While it is true that many of us tend to let our creative muscles go flabby as we grow into adults, our creativity is always within us just waiting for an opportunity to be used.

Rediscover your creativity today by taking time to play and engage in a creative activity you enjoyed as a child.

Myth #2 – If you are not artistic, you are not creative.

There are many different types of creativity. Often people associate being creative with being artistic – and assume that because they are not artistic they are not creative. The varieties of creativity are truly endless, and you are often being creative even if you are not conscious that you are. You may not be able to paint or draw, but perhaps you can create wonderful meals by adapting and adjusting recipes. Or you are good at seeing connections where other people do not. Or you can understand and relate well to animals. Or you can teach ideas in a way other people can understand; these are all examples of creativity.

Search out your own creative skills. Write down your daily activities for a few days. Spend some time looking at the list and discovering all of the different ways you are creative in your daily life. Are you creative in ways you didn’t expect? Are there any ways that you are unconsciously creative that you would like to explore in a more conscious and aware way?

Myth #3You are taught how to think creatively in school.

Sadly, no. Although school systems in developed countries do promote teamwork and other important skills not taught elsewhere in the world, there is still an incredible lack of education in regards to fostering creativity and creative thinking skills. We are simply not preparing our children and students for a world in which creativity and creative thinking is becoming more vital everyday.

It is up to parents to teach their children how to use the creativity within them. Children who are raised in creative households are better equipped to find successful, creative solutions to the challenges that life presents to all of us.

If you would like to rediscover your own creativity and how you can grow a garden of creativity within your child and family, my e-book “Growing Creative Kids” is a resource jam packed with ideas, games and activities for inspiring a creative life.

What myths about creativity have you busted? Please post below!

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