Gifts That Give Back – Women for Women International and a Creative Christmas

hand-If you are trying to teach your children about gratitude, charity, or daily life in other countries, this post is for you!

I am writing to introduce you to a fantastic charity that is helping women survivors of war and their families. These are the nameless, faceless causalities of war that are usually forgotten or hidden.  Women for Women International shines a spotlight in the darkness and brings hope, education, resources, opportunities, and a voice to those who have been marginalized and forgotten.

They work in some of the most dangerous countries in the world: Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Iraq, Kosovo, Nigeria, Rwanda and Sudan. Women for Women International has some amazing programs:  Rights Awareness, Sponsorship, Job Skills Training, Employment Opportunity & Microcredit Lending, and Investing in Women and Adolescent Girls.

There are some great ways you can get involved and change a life this Christmas Season.

Women for Women International runs a fantastic Christmas Present Campaign. You can choose from a variety of gifts such as tools for organic farming, job skills training, animals, or education opportunities. You make a donation in someones name and they are sent either by mail (or email after Dec. 15th) a card that  indicates the gift purchased, a description of the gift, a personalized message (optional) and more information about Women for Women International.

There are many different ways you can turn a donation to Women For Women International into a creative Christmas activity. If you are doing the “Embrace the Commercialism” activity from “Presence” Vs. “Presents” you could put the money your child earns into a jar and choose a gift together.

You could purchase some baby chicks or seeds and place the cards you will receive in your child’s stockings.  Or give your child an amount of money and allow them to choose a gift with you. This gives you a great opportunity to discuss how lucky your family is to have all that you do and how important it is to realize that many people do not have access to the basics of life.

You could even purchase a set of pens, pencils, and rulers and have the gift card sent to your child’s teacher.

There are lots of other ways you and your family can support Women for Women International and the amazing work that they do. Please go to their website and see what they do for yourself.

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