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travelThe following in an excerpt from my e-book “Growing Creative Kids.” I thought it would be a great addition to the Traveling with Creative Kids series. If you enjoy reading Growing Creative Kids blog Please check out my e-book. It is the seed that started it all. Thank you!

Creative Adventures

Be ready for a creative encounter wherever you go. Spontaneous creativity can provide some of the best experiences and memories your child will ever have. Make the most of unexpected creative opportunities by always being prepared. Having a Creativity To Go tool kit always ready will allow you to make the most of unexpected adventures.

Things to include in your Creativity To Go tool kit:

  • Camera – Either a cheap digital or a disposable. You can even buy disposable cameras that you can take underwater!
  • Notebook with pencils, pens, and colors – Good for recording observations, where you have been, flashes of creativity, or even to create rubbings of interesting leaves or things you discover.
  • Garbage Bags – good to lie on for some impromptu cloud watching or a spontaneous picnic. Also works as an emergency rain jacket if the weather turns.
  • Change of clothing (or at least socks!) – Sometimes spontaneous creativity can get messy. You don’t want to ruin a positive creative experience by ending the day shivering in wet and dirty clothing.
  • Basic First Aid kit – So scrapes and slivers don’t ruin the creative fun.
  • Healthy Snacks and a bottle of water – You never know how far you will travel!
  • Small amount of cash – For unexpected entrance fees or transportation etc.
  • Deck of cards, story book, or puzzle book – For line-ups and unexpected delays.

All of the above should fit nicely into a backpack that can wait by the front door or in your car for your next creative adventure!

What do you always bring for your family’s creative adventures?

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