Exercising Your Creativity

InnovateCreativity is a lot like any muscle or skill. It has to be stretched and exercised in order to grow. Here are a few simple ways of exercising your creativity and that of your kids.

Ideas for exercising your creativity:

  • Keep looking for new ideas – you never know where you will find them or where they might lead.
  • Keep an open mind. Don’t say “It can’t be done,” “Silly,” or “Impossible.”
  • Keep your goals in mind, write them down!
  • Keep your mind alert and active.
  • Don’t always go it alone. Sharing a problem with someone else may reveal an unexpected solution.
  • When your mind says “enough”, take a break and get some fresh air. A walk or other outside physical activity is a great way to take a creative break.
  • When you reach a dead end, back up and try a new approach. – don’t just give up!
  • Break a problem down to smaller, logical parts. How do you eat an elephant? Bite by bite.
  • Write any useful ideas down when inspired and before you forget.
  • In the early stages, don’t commit yourself to a single idea – brainstorm as many different solutions as you can. It doesn’t matter how unlikely or far-fetched they are.

How do you exercise your creativity? Please share with us!

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